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Shopping Tips For Buying Beautiful Lingerie

Thinking of buying pieces of lingerie for yourself? Here are six shopping tips for buying beautiful lingerie.

1. Know Your Shape - Every woman has a specific shape, and with that shape there are certain pieces of lingerie that are more flattering to the female body than others. The various shapes of the female body are associated with the letters A, H, O, V, and X. The âAâ shape means you are small up top and thicker on the bottom. âHâ shape indicates equal, or similar, measurements for the shoulders, waist, and hips. âOâ shape means you are larger in the waist area than other parts. The âVâ shape indicates you are larger up top and smaller on the bottom. Finally, the âXâ shape indicates a noticeable smaller waist compared to the chest and hips.

2. Get the Right Size - In addition to knowing your shape, make sure you know what size you are. Getting measured by a professional is easy and free. Go to your local bra shop to obtain precise measurements. If you purchase the wrong size lingerie, you will feel uncomfortable and/or unflattering.

3. Think of Yourself First - It is your body! Whatever lingerie you purchase, make sure it is comfortable and to your liking. Wearing lingerie is a moot point if you are uncomfortable in it. While you might purchase lingerie to wear for someone else, being uncomfortable will put a damper in your mood.

4. Highlight You Favourite Features - Lingerie is comfortable, flattering, and sexy; at least it is supposed to be. Every woman has a favourite part of her body that can be highlighted by the right lingerie. If your favourite feature is your chest, consider a bra with lace, jewels, or even one that is a push-up. If your favourite feature is your waist, consider a corset. A baby doll piece will highlight your hips, and a thong will highlight the ârear assets.â

5. Get Different Looks - One day you may want to wear a simple bra and panty set. Another day you may want to wear a baby doll slip with an attached lace bra. How about wearing a corset with boy short panties the next day? The point is, you do not want to have just one style of lingerie in your wardrobe, just like you do not want to have one colour of everything. Lingerie is not just comfortable, and practical, but it is also exciting and fun. Have fun with the various styles you purchase.

6. Try Something New - While you want to make sure you are comfortable, since it is your body, you do not want to be predictable. Lingerie comes in various forms, and sticking to one form can get boring. Why not try something new? As I mentioned before, lingerie is exciting and fun, and when it comes to lingerie, bras especially, the styles and combinations are endless. You may tend to favour cotton with elastic. To mix it up, you can go for lace. You can choose plain lace, or lace with jewels on them. There are pieces of lingerie that have more than one type of lace as well. Mixing it up occasionally will keep the excitement of wearing lingerie alive.

These are just some tips to consider when buying lingerie.