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How To Feel Confident Every Time You Wear Lingerie

Wearing lingerie makes anyone feel sexy and confident. The silky, or lacy material feels great against your skin and it shows it shows you off in a very appealing way. Not everyone is well versed in lingerie and some women have never worn it. Whether youâre a new lingerie user or a lingerie veteran, learning how to make lingerie for you is a great way to boost confidence. Here are some ways to get in control of your lingerie.

Physical Health & Body Types Lingerie are best for healthy body types. If youâre too skinny or too big, you may not feel as good in lingerie as others. There are various types of lingerie to wear and for those that donât fit within the boundaries of too skinny or too big, it will take a bit more work to find what works for you. To clarify, you donât have to be curvy to look great in lingerie, nor do you have to fall within societyâs boundaries of skinny; you just must be healthy. Healthy body types depend on individuals because we are all shaped differently. Some have bigger breasts, smaller hips, bigger thighs or longer necks than others. Having a certain body type will not restrict you from wearing lingerie.

To look your best in lingerie, promote a healthy body shape by staying physically active. Exercise comes in different varieties. If you want to even yourself out, weight lifting is a great way to do it. Some women are self-conscious about lifting weights, however, it is physically impossible for women to have as much mass as men. Lifting weights will tone your muscles, pectoral muscles will make your breasts perkier, and it will tone the booty. Because lifting weights is very repetitive, CrossFit is a wonderful alternative. CrossFit not only helps you get tone and build muscle, but it also involves lots of cardio. If you think you can lose a few pounds, cardio is the best way to do it. Because cardio is a lot more intensive than lifting weights since it involves strenuous activity over a long period, you may want to avoid traditional cardio activity like running or biking. Fortunately, aerobics, Pilates and dance classes are everywhere. Personally, aerobics and dancing are great ways to lose weight since itâs exercising combined with fun! Also, it adds a skill that translates to other areas of life.

Types of Lingerie

Teddy Teddies looks like the sexy cousin to the bathing suit. I know what youâre thinking, bathing suits can be sexier?! Yes, they can! Teddies have flattering décolletage. If you are lacking in that area, some are also cut to show off hips, waists and the booty.

Bustier The bustier is the sexy cousin to old timely female underwear. Typically, they are like corsets with a built in push up (strapless) bra.

Corsets The ever so classy corset is very well known. Like the bustier it fastens in the back and complements curves. However, they donât have the push up bra function.

Camisole Camisoles are the sexy cousin to nightgowns. Like night gowns, they are made from lace or silk slips with straps that go over the shoulder. Unlike nightgowns, they are cut much shorter to show off thighs and leg and skinnier straps to show off the shoulder, collarbone and neck.

Following these tips will boost your confidence and allow you to show your full potential while wearing lingerie.Read more about the history lingerie here.