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Body Waxing Tips And Advice

Unwanted hair, especially on exposed skin, is a common problem most people want treat. While shaving and hair removal methods are helpful, many still say that body waxing is more effective. It is because aside from removing large amounts of unwanted hair fast, it also ensures a smoother skin afterwards and a longer-lasting result. If you are planning to go this route to remove unwanted hair, then the following tips could be of help to you:

1. Prepare your skin This is crucial in preventing possible allergies. Exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells and let the unwanted hair break through the surface. Avoid shaving prior to your waxing session. Your hair should be around 1/4 inch long. Note that it would be hard to pick up your hair strands if these are too short.

2. Prepare for the pain Note that despite the benefits of body waxing, it is quite painful, so you need to prepare yourself for it. Take one or two Advil tablets one hour before the session. This will let you manage the pain better. Also, avoid applying body lotion one day before the waxing procedure. If you are going for underarm waxing, then do not apply deodorant with antiperspirant on the area as it only makes it harder to remove the hair, thereby increasing the pain.

3. Put on baby powder Do this right after exfoliating. The baby powder works in absorbing any moisture, thereby making it easier for the waxing procedure to adhere properly to the skin.

4. Test the waxs temperature Use the most comfortable spreading temperature for you. Test the wax by applying a small amount to your skin first. It shouldnt be too cold as it prevents the wax from spreading properly, nor too hot as it might burn your skin.

5. Apply the wax and pull hair at the right direction It should always be at the direction where the hair grows since this ensures that the wax will adhere more fully. Once youve spread the wax, put a cloth strip over it. Press it down firmly. The strokes should be at the direction of hair growth. Let the strip set in the area for a few seconds. To remove the strip, hold the skin taut then pull it off quickly, but this time, it should be in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

6. Apply pressure to the area Do this right after the procedure. Once you remove the strip, apply pressure into the waxed skin. This will get rid of the sting while also making it less sensitive.

7. Avoid waxing the same skin more than twice This is damaging to the skin and extremely painful. For some stray hairs, remove them with the aid of tweezers, instead of going for a second round.

Aside from the ones above, you also need to follow a few aftercare tips. Use serum every day for ingrown hairs. Exfoliating the skin is also crucial in keeping it soft and smooth. You need to hydrate and moisturize your skin to avoid possible tear and discomfort before and after your next body waxing session.


Also, know as suction assisted lipectomy or liposculpture, liposuction is a procedure that removes unwanted fat deposits from the body. The distribution of unsightly body fat typically occurs due to the bodys tendency to deposit fat is a particular are, in most cases the hips. Other areas where the fat may be stored are the tummy, neck, thighs, loins, inner side of the ankles and knees. Another cause of disfigurement may be the growth of a benign tumor (lipoma). In men, the fat may be deposited below the nipples thereby making the look like breasts (gynecomastia). Unlike non surgical liposuction , lipo is a much more invasive procedure that offers more dramatic long lasting results.

How is it done?

Liposuction is carried out to reduce the body fat in areas where it is in excess. The doctor will create an incision in the nearby skin and insert a narrow metal tube. The tube is then connected to a vacuum pump that is drawn in the areas where the fat is in excess. The liposuction only removes the fat tunnels leaving your nerves and blood vessels intact.

The doctors may use different variants of the procedure; some will inject the area where fat is to be removed with solutions while others do not. Liposuction is carried out using a very powerful vacuum machine though in small areas doctors will use syringes as they are ideal in sucking fat from small areas. Another variant that may be employed is ultrasound assisted lipectomy.

Consequences of liposuction

Liposuction has no significant implications that you need to worry about. However, expect to have considerable bruising that may be painful at times and a little uncomfortable. Also, note that the large the area where the procedure is undertaken the greater the bruising. The discoloration on the bruising will only last for about a month though the swelling and lumpiness caused by deep bruising may last for six months or more.

Also expect to have scars of about 1 to 2 centimeters long in the areas where the tube incision was done. In some people, there is a risk that the scars will remain red for an extended period though they are always in less visible parts.

If the procedure is done on your legs, then your ankles may remain swollen for a few weeks. However, if it is your ankles that are treated, then expect the swelling to last for a few months. You will have to take a few days off work after the procedure and will be expected to go back for review after a week.

Will liposuction have a lasting effect?

Fat cells are said not to regenerate in adult life. It is therefore believed that their removal by liposuction will have a permanent contour change that will be independent of your weight gain.

Senior Citizens Are Not The Only People Having Teeth Replaced

One of the issues that arise when you reach your golden years of life is the body's inability to repair itself like it did when it was younger. This is why maintaining a high level of oral health all throughout your life is so critical, because it will serve as a great foundation once you finally reach those years.

The people who do not take care of their teeth, end up having gum disease show up; and that is when teeth start loosening, and eventually falling out. Dental implants are becoming the best way for seniors to replace teeth; and be able to perform everyday functions like being able to eat their food properly. A function that will lead lead to malnourishment if the teeth are not able to perform their job correctly.

However, seniors aren't the only people that are looking for implants today. There are many types of people who are involved in accidents, fights, and a plethora of situations that end with them having a tooth, or teeth, knocked out they need to replace. Even NBA players, athletes who are involved in a non-contact sport, are exposed to situations that end up with teeth being knocked out of their mouths.

Danny Granger, from Indiana Pacers, had his two front teeth shattered during a game, as he landed face first on the court. Carl Landry, a forward for the Houston Rockets, had had three teeth knocked out by Dirk Nowitzki. Anthony Morrow, another forward, who played for the New Jersey Nets at the time, had four teeth knocked out of his mouth defending New York Knicks superstar, Carmelo Anthony.

Do you think any of these payers thought dental implants were going to be a part of their young lives? Not a chance, but each has multiple implants replacing teeth they lost; and there hundreds of thousands of other Americans with implants as well. And although they would rather have kept their teeth in place, they all grateful for the advances made in dental technology that allowed them to be able to replace those teeth.

Truth be told, cosmetic dentistry, like dental implants, works better with younger people; because their body's healing ability is greater than a senior's healing ability. If you live in the city of Pittsburgh, and believe implants are what you need, you will want to type, "best dental implants pittsburgh pa," into your favorite browser to find implant specialists who are ready, willing, and able, to perform this procedure for you.